Italy Wedding at Lago di Albano, Castel Gandolfo (Castelli Romani) | Jennifer + Ian via England | Italy Weddings Photography Blog

Jennifer & Ian got married in Italy after a long 9- year relationship at Lago di Albano. Lago di Albano is a volcanic lake and it is a gorgeous region just outside Rome, about 40 kilometers from Rome’s center.
This lucky couple had  quite a few friends & family who came from all the way from England to see their wedding in Italy.

Jennifer & Ian got married in Albano and then we led their photographic wedding itinerary around Albano including some at photographs at Castel Gandolfo – at the entrance of the Pope’s summer residence along with the swiss guards. The Pope was supposedly staying at his summer residence that day as the town was full of police. After our stop at Castel Gandolfo we drove through Frascati and ended at a wine Tenuta which also holds a restaurant where they had their reception luncheon. This tenuta is well-known for it’s production of  doc wines like “Cannellino.”

Below are a few highlights taken throughout their wedding day.
Buon divertimento! (enjoy!)

Raajeev & Elaine Engagement in Rome, via California | Italy Weddings Photography Blog

Raajeev & Elaine met nine years ago in high school. (Actually, as Raajeev quoted, “9 years & 3 months.”

About six months ago, Elaine planned a trip with her sister Joyce to visit Italy. Joyce, is taking course here in Rome so Elaine thought it would be a great occasion to see Rome as she had never it been before. As soon as Raajeev heard about her trip to Rome, he thought about secretly proposing to her in Rome. Raajeev loves to surprise, and immediately start to plan his trip & proposal to Elaine.

Six months later, in August he proposed. In Rome.

Below is preview with a few of their engagement photographs taken in Rome.

Tuscany Wedding in a Castle in Chianti “Getting Ready” | Italy Weddings Photography Blog

A few “Getting Ready” details of today’s wedding in Chianti, Tuscany: Wedding Gown, Shoes & bouquet.

Wedding Gown: Novia D’art (Spanish)

Paradise in Tuscany? A 12th Century Castle in Tuscany (Chianti) | Italy Wedding Photographer Blog

Well, I am here in Tuscany in the rolling hills of Chianti. I don’t know what paradise looks like but if it looks anything like this… well…:)

Later on this week, I have the great honor of photographing a wedding here in this breathlessly beautiful 12th Century Castle. I came up here a bit earlier to get acquainted with the area & to do some studies of the Castle, the grounds, light & other details.

It is overwhelmingly beautiful. “Slow living” is exhalted here. They make their own olive oil & wine. One of the “doc” Chianti wines is made here. So, guess what my car is going to packed with when I return? Yes, you got it. Chianti Olive oil & wine 😉

More to come soon.
Enjoy your virtual trip to Chianti!!!!

Brian’s Proposal to Mandy in Rome via Philadelphia |Italy Weddings Photography Blog

Adorable story.
Brian has been planning his proposal to his beloved for many months. And was super careful to every detail. He wanted a fountain. Rome Architecture. At the same time, also wanted a place which was intimate to propose.Together we found his ideal location. He did his homework.

Three years ago they both met at a bar in Philadelphia. Their second date was at Starbucks (how American is that haha). There was a strong attraction between one another but their relationship didn’t take off until a few months later.

Last year they went to Hawaii, and everyone thought Brian would propose there. But, no he saved it for Rome.

Brian proposed. Mandy say YES with every cell in her body 😉

I hid in my paparazzi uniform & the camera (300 mm lens) and Brian proposed at the “strategic” location we planned ahead. At 6:15 pm.

Mandy was totally surprised about the whole proposal (as you can see by the images below & photographs don’t like…)

After the proposal, I came out of cover we went around Rome and took more photographs… They didn’t walk, they floated a meter above ground throughout the whole e-session.

I loved their double hugs. A simple hug wasn’t enough. No a double hug. Each and every time. Too cute.

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