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Brian’s Proposal to Mandy in Rome via Philadelphia |Italy Weddings Photography Blog

Adorable story. Brian has been planning his proposal to his beloved for many months. And was super careful to every detail. He wanted a fountain. Rome Architecture. At the same time, also wanted a place which was intimate to propose.Together we found his ideal location. He did his homework. Three years ago they both met […]

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JuneBug Weddings’ hotlisted Rochelle Cheever “as one of the World’s Top Wedding Photographers in Italy” | Italy Wedding Photographer Blog

Oh! La! La! Honored to be included on the Junebug Weddings World’s Best Wedding Photographers Hotlist as One of the TOP WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS in Italy.    In case you are a bride and you are looking for some inspiration be sure to check them out.  JuneBug Weddings

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Florian’s proposal to Insa in Rome via Munich, Germany | Italy Proposal, Engagement and Wedding Photography

Florian & Insa have been dating for 10 years. They met in their last year of college. And Florian “romantically” proposed In “romantic” Rome, Italy. It was all a big surprise to Insa (as I often say, photographs never lie…) It was one big surprise after another. Florian told Insa to pack a suitcase as […]

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Sean’s proposal to Vanessa in Rome, Italy at the Colosseum (via Chicago)

Sean wanted to propose to Vanessa somewhere majestic. The location & timing were strategic. Of coarse, the Colosseum is a majestic as it can get and hard to beat. So the Colosseum was the chosen location. Emails, sms’s, pictures, flooded cyberspace to coordinate Sean’s proposal. Their friend, Becky who is in Rome, helped with the […]

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Saying “YES…” on the Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy | August’s proposal to Perri | via Colorado

Amazing love story. Amazing proposal… Dearest August, my hat goes out to you, BRAVO! Here is the story…. one day, I receive this email from August: Rochelle, In February 2004 a girl and I stood on the Spanish Steps. A young Italian gentleman approached us and asked me if I’d like to by a rose […]

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