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Another great feature on “Destination I do Magazine” – Grazie | Italy Wedding Photographer

GRAZIE, Destination I do Magazine Thank you for another great feature on one of my favorites wedding magazine & blog: ” To view full feature on this Rome Wedding Photography session via Canada click here

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Arrived …in California!

Ciao & baci from San Diego. Arrived safe & sound , recharging my batteries and visiting my Mom & family. Totally enjoying the 70 f (20 C) weather, the Pacific Ocean and San Diego beaches:)

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Vintage Lancia – Favorite car this season | Italy Wedding Photographer Blog

Anyone who knows a bit about me, knows that I LOVE cars. Especially Vintage ones. I was raised in a CAR- LOVING family.” My dad collected all sorts of cars from Porsches to Ferraris. I cherish memories when my Dad used to drive us around Rome in his “candy apple” red Ferrari on Sundays. We […]

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VENICE, Italy Wedding Photographer ~ an intimate portrait of quaint Venezia

VENEZIA! Venice & I have a L-O-N-G “love history” together. One of the many benefits of having been raised in Italy, was (& still is) the opportunity to travel so easily and extensively throughout Italy & Europe. Everything is so close. In half an hour, you can be in an Etruscan or Medieval Town, in […]

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