A Special THANK YOU to Frank & and all other soldiers who have served | Happy Veteran’s Day

In honor of Veteran’s Day, I would like to dedicate this post to Frank and all those who served worldwide.
“The Land of the Free is Free because of the Brave.”

Frank married his beloved Victoria on November 11, 2011 at 11:00 at Citta’ Della Pieve in Perugia (Umbria). They have been dating since high school. Both live in Brisbane, Australia.

Frank is currently stationed in Afghanistan with the Australian Air Force. He had a 2-week R&R (rest & recuperation) and decided earlier this year to marry in Citta’ della Pieve.

It was a most beautiful wedding. About 15 family members & friends came from Australia to celebrate their wedding.
Frank married in his Military uniform and later changed into a handsome Gucci suit. Below are a few portraits I had the honor of capturing right before his wedding.

A fuller post with wedding details to come soon. I just wanted to dedicate something special to Frank for Veteran’s weekend.

Here are a few images of Frank + Victoria post-ceremony around Citta della Pieve.

Frank is the fourth brave Military Soldier based in Afghanistan that I have had the honor to photograph.

Rome Engagement Session | Kurt + Sarah | via Hong Kong

Kurt & Sarah met 1 1/2 years ago at a friend’s in Hong Kong. Together they are such lovely & fun couple!

Sarah had two amazingly beautiful gowns tailor made for her engagement. Both chiffon. They just flowed and I kept trying to place her up high wherever possible so her dress would catch the wind. Kurt & Sarah fitted perfectly together for their photography e-session in Rome.

Kurt is a natural comedian. So funny and always has a “prank” ready. And I kept falling for his pranks too. Once he tricked me making it seem as if he was going to fall on top of me… WHILE I HAD MY CAMERA IN MY HANDS. I think I almost died for a moment. He promised he would never do that again. Thank you Kurt 😉

Oh. And Kurt is loves to cook and cooks for Sarah. All. The. Time. Sarah, you are a lucky girl. A cook + funny = great combination for a husband. Kurt, you have chosen one of the most feminine girls I have met. Ever. Congrats to both.

They get married next summer in Hong Kong.

P.S. Thank you Sarah + Kurt for the delicious Pineapple cookies you brought all the way from Hong Kong. I savored each and every one of them and kept the gorgeous box!

Baciami Ancora (Kiss me again) | Italy Wedding Photographer

Baciami Ancora…

Trevi Fountain

Bridal Portrait with the Colosseum in the Background

Amore with Arch of Constantine & Colosseum

Bridals with a Roman Fountain

Penny + Chad Rome Wedding via Canada | Italy Photographer

I usually like to keep my blog posts short & sweet. But… there is so much to say about this couple. They are so beautiful both inside & out with such a strong visceral tie between them.

Penny & Chad go way back. Their parents were friends before they were even born. When I asked Penny how they met, she opened her wallet and pulled out a picture of both of them when they were about 4-5 years of age, sitting at a table celebrating Penny’s birthday.

They don’t go unnoticed… Penny is 5″10′. Chad …(take a deep breath) is a 6’7′. Yes, I wrote that correctly —> 6″7′. The tallest Groom I have ever photographed. And they are such a nice wholesome couple. I thought I would have to bring a ladder to photograph them  (I am 5’7 … which I never thought was short).

Penny & Chad had a most romantic elopement in Rome. They wanted something intimate. And their wedding was so romantically intimate. It was all about “Penny+Chad.” Auguri!

Below are a few highlights of their Wedding day in Rome. Enjoy!

Wedding Planner: Dolce Vita Weddings
Penny’s dress: Cosmobella
Chad suit: Harry Rosen
Penny’s hair: Janita
Wedding Ceremony: Vignola Mattei at Caracalla
Dinner: Hassler’s Rooftop

A Kiss in not just a Kiss…. | Italy Wedding Photographer Blog

A kiss can be a comma, a question mark or an exclamation point.  (Jeanne Bourgeois)

I think this “bacio” was an exclamation point!

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